Mission Berlin Codes Cheats

Mission Berlin Cheats not mod apk

Having hacked the game Mission Berlin with the help of secret codes, you can get a lot of money and experience. Using Mission Berlin cheats you can unlock the premium items and buy any weapons for money, meaning you You can rise to the level of a player who puts real money in the game. At the same time you do not need look for already hacked Mission Berlin, or download modes and apk files to get all the benefits in the game, it is enough to learn the instructions and enter the secret cheat codes.

These cheats Mission Berlin successfully tested and work as on Android and on iOS devices, and will make you a super agent. You will not only have better weapons and infinite ammo, but quickly pump your character using the code on the double experience.

The list of cheats for Mission Berlin hacking games on Android and iOS:

The money in the game is played the same role as in real life, the truth is they make of you a professional killer, as required .

For 50 000 money in the game Mission Berlin entry the code – 50Kuo000JH

In order to pump the hero skills required passage of missions and assignments, but to quickly to pump you just enter the code and get double experience – 02Xic847NE

To unlock all paid items for possible use of their purchase cheat code – 99Unl009HY

Endless rounds of the game will give you the code – 99Amm000EN

Having a lot of money, pumped hero and the best weapon after breaking Mission Berlin you can feel full charm of the game, in fact hardly present, secret agents save ammo or money. The game has a good graphics, interesting plot and the ability to choose the side that will bring victory after a successful use secret codes.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Mission Berlin” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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