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Money Movers 2 hack android

Hack Money Movers 2 will unlock all levels of the game, disable advertising and get a lot of money. Collect bags of money and save your father. The game has dozens of interesting levels, control two characters and get to the right place. You need to think through each step to bypass the guard and get to the exit. Attempts are limited, having studied the instruction you can remove all restrictions and quickly pass the game.

Favorite puzzle game for mobile devices, continuation of the series to save his father. Two brothers, manage each one individually to complete tasks, collect all the bags of money and get out of the trap. Money Movers 2 is free, but advertisements can pretty much interfere with playing. Run all the tasks and pass labyrinths in a couple of days, but the developers promise to replenish the collection.

Money Movers 2 cheat codes, free:

  • Unlock all levels – Bba_k56pbY
  • Disable ads – Uv4_V3gG25

This is a free arcade for mobile, two brothers are trying to save the father from imprisonment. But before that you need to go through a lot of labyrinths, each level is full of traps and obstacles. Only a close-knit game of two characters and a traverse of the traps will allow two to get out of prison. With each level, the guards become more rigid and cunning.

Levels, secrets of the passage

This is the second part of the famous puzzle, you can download it for free. The full version of the game with dozens of challenging tasks, the main task is to save the parent. Security enhances its security systems. Passing through lasers and traps becomes more difficult. Many people are looking for where to download Money Movers 2 mod to get hints and additional attempts.

Management in the game is carried out using the touch buttons. The buttons of movement on the sides, jumps and additional possibilities. Before you proceed to the passage, you need to think through all the moves, otherwise find yourself in a desperate situation. One of the brothers will open the passage from the other, or temporarily disable the protection, it will allow to reach the father and save him from imprisonment.

Hacked Money Movers 2 allows you to get unlimited attempts. If you make a mistake, you do not need to view the advertisement. In the app there are no purchases, the main characters are well known to us. They have a noble mission, but they do not mind getting a lot of money. Collecting all the bags of money and freeing his father from confinement, the player receives a maximum of stars. Share your achievements with your friends.

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