Money Movers free Credits, secret cheat codes, not mod

Money Movers hack

Collect all the money at the level in the game Money Movers for Android. Get loans for free using the Money Movers hack. Unlock the levels and get to very difficult tasks. Use hints and think through all the steps in advance. Exciting arcade has already become popular online, now available for download to mobile devices. Use the tricks, follow the instructions and get a lot of money for free.

Money Movers free cheat codes for Android, iOS:

  • Get 9 000 credits for free, it will allow you to use boosters and prompts without restrictions and pass the most difficult tasks – LUW_1zniDs
  • Disable ads – MvU_7kWlOd

The developers of decided to move the exciting game from the web to mobile devices. Help the brothers avoid prison and get rich. Rob the most difficult places using lifts, buttons, and each other. Leave dry from the water, avoiding traps and going through the most difficult tasks. You must do everything quietly, otherwise you will jam, be careful and careful.

Review of the game, the secrets of the passage

The family of the two brothers was imprisoned together. This platform puzzle is now on mobile devices. Control the brothers, moving around the warehouse and collect bags of money.

Avoid guards and traps to successfully complete the level. Downloading mod Money Movers is not necessary to get a lot of money. Think through all the steps to complete the next level.

Use touch control to toggle between characters. Jump, move the platforms and use each other to get to the right place. Do not forget that both characters must get out of the trap. Use all the objects on the level to get out of the conclusion. To fight have different characteristics, one more effective in throws, the second in jumps.

Before passing the level, you need to think through each move. One wrong movement and have to start from the beginning. In addition to the escape itself, you need to take with you the stolen goods.

Collect the bags of money and go to the exit. Complete the tasks and pass the bonus levels to get additional tasks.

This game is very much like Bob the Robber, but it has a lot of differences. Money Movers hacked will give you the freedom of buying and will unlock all levels. Be careful and attentive, and do not rely heavily on clues, make money in the game you will help the mind and bonus codes.

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