Monster Castle Codes Cheat codes

Monster Castle cheat codes, not mod apk

The best way to break the Monster Castle on Android and iOS is to use codes of developers who instantly restock resources without inserting money. To crack the game you do not need to download mod apk, or obtain root or jailbreak rights. Therefore, it is the safest and fastest way to replenish the stock of gold, wine, crystal and heliotrope.

Download Monster Castle you can play in the convenience store, or appStore and enjoy this wonderful game, which is similar to the famous counterparts, but has its own characteristics. In your possessions will lock protection you need to zoom in and deter aggressors, for which he will receive a reward. Over time, you’ll have to improve his throne, which promises great cost. Using the cheat codes for Monster Castle you can not quickly improve the cost and all the buildings, as well as to create guilds. Build a training camp to train its soldiers and orcs, as well as learn magic.

List of cheats Monster Castle on Android and iOS:

Gold is necessary for safety improvements of buildings, as well as technologies to improve the guild. To get the most use the code (the number depends on your maximum) – max068_id058

Wine is necessary to recruit the army, study skills labs. After entering the code, you get the maximum that can accommodate your warehouse – max029_id093

The crystals need to hire home workers, accelerate the building of buildings, as well as for the purchase of the characters. To get the 3500 crystals, type – cry3k5_id096

Heliotrope need for evolution and for leveling characters. They also need to improve the tools, and the higher the level of improvement, the more you need heliotrope. To get the 2750 heliotrope enter – glk275_id091

Medals earned in multiplayer to get medals, type 1000 – mdl1kA_id034

Restore energy – enrPL1_id085

In addition to capture other castles you can participate in guild wars, which gives an opportunity to earn a lot heliotrope. The war may start the guild leader or his deputy, to increase the chances of victory in the war, it is necessary to carry out the maximum number of battles, the poet enters the war, when most of its members are online. Use the secret codes for pumping Monster Castle Farm, which will increase the number of guild members.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Monster Castle” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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