Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game for Android. Free coins, tips and secrets

Moy 3D - My Virtual Pet Game hack

Get coins to buy clothes, items and food. Hack Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game will give you a lot of money for free, both on Android and iOS devices. You can download the game for free, but the game currency purchases will lead you to a lot of restrictions. Learn the method of hacking and get coins, turn off advertising and unlock new items for yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to make your pet more happy.

I think it’s not worth explaining how much more pleasant to play, without restrictions and advertising. Get more fun from the game, using cheats Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game you can buy a pet any items, food and clothes. Play with them mini games and look after the pet, this bright tamagochi with your favorite character will bring a lot of fun, and not just for fans of this series.

Bonus codes Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game:

  • Coins, the main and only currency of the game. It can be purchased at the gaming store for real money, save the coins for the completed tasks, or use the code and get 37 500 money for the account – MplYvgIbD
  • Disable advertising in the game – 4G1I2G1ep

Funny pet hatching from the egg at the beginning of the game, this purple octopus is ready for adventure. But before that you need to feed him, create a cozy room and train a lot of things. The game is created in the style of 3D, the graphics are bright and colorful, and the game is in no way inferior to Talking Tom, or other games of this genre.

How to play, gameplay and controls

Moy again returns to all new 3D games, meet your favorite character as a pet. Together walk, develop and play. It will be interesting for both children and adults.

Watch how the pet grows and develops. The developers tried to make the graphics as realistic as possible, the bright picture was a success, launching Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game is always a pleasure.

Start the game with the choice of name for the character, after which you have to feed the hungry baby. To buy a variety of food requires coins. Collect food in the basket and watch as Moy will eat. The developers tried to make a pet with the most real requests. He feels hungry, wants to go to the toilet, or just play around.

Run the game to cheer yourself and the pet. Together learn to play, Hacked Moy 3D – My Virtual Pet Game using the code allows you to get extra coins at any time.

Follow the advice and customize the hero at his own preference. The game shop is filled with a lot of interior items, toys and clothes, which you can buy for a pet. Share your achievements in social networks, or in the comments.

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