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Music Wars hack

Free online game in Soundscience, where you can fight other players using your skills. Music Wars cheats give the player the freedom of buying and the ability to unlock any items. To get a lot of money you do not need to download a bot, or use a hack. Cheats for free purchases will allow you to unlock the character and quickly raise the level. VIP status will bring more experience for one fight and will give a significant advantage when passing the game.

Music Wars free codes:

  • The game has the main currency Music Wars rubies, this is a premium money in the game with which you can purchase paid items and quickly raise the level of the character. To get + 2 750 rubies for free, use the code – m27kjdi_sw38
  • Loans, the second most important, but the first currency in terms of frequency of use. Having received ViP status, the player will receive half more credits and experience for each job completed. + 275 000 rubies free of charge – m72jezo_sw01

To make money, the player needs to attack other residents of Soundcity, a victory over a stronger opponent brings more valuable rewards. Earn stars to increase your steepness and improve performance. Using them you will be able to improve your skills and improve your studio, where the training takes place. In addition to multiplayer battles in the game there are many interesting quests and tasks.

Buy pets, increasing their power and the chances of winning. Sheep, bull terrier, spider, death and others, they have their own dexterity, vitality and super skills that the player can use. The game Music Wars is unique in its genre with a lot of content. The game is created in the genre MMORPG, here your journey will take place in a musical city with hundreds of thousands of other users.

Features of the game Music Wars:

Gamers in the game are divided into gangs, it depends on the choice of genre. Everyone defends their taste, fight for rock, rap, classics, or pop. Between fights you can always listen to your favorite radio, or chat with friends. For the game you will need the Internet, use the codes you also need when the Internet is turned on, resource wrapping works instantly, you do not need to download additional programs or bots to use.

Free hacked Music Wars can be used by everyone, the presence of rubies will allow you to unlock the paid game elements and make a jump in the passage. Create a unique image of the character and fight for your style. Here you can punish anyone who says that you are listening to bad music. Raise your level and prove the importance of your musical tastes.

The game does not need to be downloaded for Android, iOS, it will always be in the browser and requires a quick connection to the Internet. Here you do not need to learn the notes and have the perfect ear, guess melodies from your genre and strike the opponent. Here you can learn and hear a lot of new things. Music Wars rubies will allow you to unlock objects and create a unique character, as well as equip your room. Using codes, you can safely use the received resources and be the first to use all updates.

The game has four styles to choose from: rock, urban, music lover and club. From the choice of direction will depend on the list of skills of your character, so you do not have to choose your favorite genre, maybe you will like skills from another group. The received money will allow to develop quickly abilities, and as to equip a room with rare subjects. All this affects the level of your character. Use cheat codes and get a significant advantage when passing the game. Share secrets with friends on social networks.

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