My Talking Angela Codes Cheats

My Talking Angela Cheats

My Talking Angela hacking of the  game with cheats. Cheats for diamonds, money, and the family in the game. You want to hack the game on Android i IOS software without downloading dubious? – Use the alphabetic cheats to break the game My speaking Angela.

Game Angela – continuation of still  popular  Talking Tom ,at the beginning of the game you also get little kitty – Angela, which will grow and pamper. And so Angela quickly grew with it you need to play educational games, buy clothes and equip her room.

Unlike Tom, Angel is a more finicky in eating habits, and requires a good relationship, its rate of growth, depends on it. but  you do not always have  time to indulge it, buy something or play.

Here the cheat for happiness will help you  with the game Talking Angela – an56HGuecE and cheat on satiety – an84EUvcjI – these codes will help you maintain a visible activity in the game, if you  haven’t got enough time.

In the game, My talking Angela, you can do hair, bathe, clothe and equip a room in the game, but all require the game currency – money and diamonds and to buy expensive things to spend real money, but it is best to do it for free using cheats.

Chit money will give you 10,000 coins in the game Angela – an10MOeyyE

Chit diamond in the game, my speaking Angela increase the number to 1000 – al01MAduvZ

If you want to start a family in the game Angela enter the cheat code – fa22LIantO

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “My Talking Angela” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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