My Talking Tom: Cheats

My Talking Tom cheats

Cheats for the game My Talking Tom have recently became known, so now we can buy anything we want our lovely tamagotchi cat-friend. We can equip his room and buy any food because we have cheats which produce the coins.

And if you got bored playing and you don’t want to wait until your Tom will grow up, you can enter the age code.

This cheatwill change your character’s age and level of play:

  • Tom kid – Tm84jdbn
  • preschooler – Tm22clsd
  • child – Tm93qzng
  • teenager -Tm01dmza
  • student – Tm02xcqs
  • adult – Tm47cnzp

Cheat on the coins, gives you ability not to only buy food,but to do anything you want in the game:

  • Code for 1000 gold coins- G00Tm00D

Emotions in the game Tom:

  • happy – fcSE98dc
  • sad – boWX37bn
  • misses – dcJB84zx
  • Code for  accomplish the task  – RJcs873d
  • Fed Tom – Gvsj33Dc
  • Heart over head of Tom  – Fvsk94dm
  • Buy Him a new refrigerator – vDs76qWc
  •  New Year  room – Ycjd643N
  • 100 likes  for Tom – vb00CXjf
  • If you enter this code, Tom  is dying, but do not expect a drama , he just goes and the room becomes empty – vc984cjj
  • new Tom – Tm84jdbn

Change Tom’s gender, after the of this code, you will automatically begin downloading your additions and Tom

  • turn to Angela – Rebo0tAn

instruction: information about entering the code in the game “My Talking Tom” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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