Ninja Dash free Coins & Crystals for Android, secret codes, not mod

Ninja Dash hack

Become a ninja in the mobile game Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG on Android, iOS. Get coins and gems, using hack Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG. Train your character to destroy dozens of enemies on the level. Arcade battles with elements of RPG, fuck on the screen, striking and making combos. Follow the steps of the instruction to become a real warrior, discovering all kinds of weapons and equipment.

Training has ended, now only battles. Move in a horizontal shooter, destroying enemies and collecting sushi. Take katana and destroy the evil ninja. They can be unarmed, or use swords. Be careful and strike at every opportunity to defeat the enemy. Collect combos to earn maximum points. Upgrade the weapons to increase the chances of passing the level.

Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG cheat codes:

  • Use the code – ND # 3jOD * 372 to get 35 000 gold for free. It is required to improve skills, purchase new weapons.
  • Premium items are bought for precious stones to get 2,400 diamonds, use the code – ND # 8hEO * 372

The game has ample opportunities for RPG improvements, buy weapons and upgrade. Premium currency speeds up these processes and gives more advantage. Download mod Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG does not have to if the player can use the codes. Kill demons and buy more powerful weapons to fight bosses.

Arcade HACK n SLASH ACTION created in the Japanese style, move around the level, destroying everyone on the way. Sushi lovers will be able to collect their favorite food instead of resources, this is fuel for a real ninja. Jump and attack the enemy, inflicting deadly blows. The stronger the weapon, the more likely it is to destroy an opponent with one hit.

Gameplay and skills

To control the game you will need two fingers, jump, escape from the attacks and wave the sword to cut the enemy. This is a real game for ninja lovers. It is created in an arcade style, it can easily be run in a free pair of minutes and enjoy the gameplay. Hack Ninja Dash gives the player the freedom of buying between levels. Broad RPG capabilities require the player a large resource reserve.

Let it not seduce lightness at the initial levels, the enemy will become stronger with each task. Become a master to collect your favorite sushi food. We’ll have to fight and become a real ninja, before unlocking weapons and gaining unique abilities. Accuracy of movement, double jumps and combos will allow you to score maximum points at the level.

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