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hack Occupation 2 for android

Save the world from the invasion of zombies, use weapons and artifacts to defeat the invasion. Hack Occupation 2 will give you a lot of money and allow you to play without gaming purchases. Cheat codes work on Android and iOS devices and do not require special device rights, root or jailbreak. Use your weapons skills, and follow the tips in the instructions to get unlimited resources.

This is the second part of the famous first person shooter. Scientists have found an ancient artifact that could be used to destroy monsters around the world. But zombies have destroyed scientists, you have a long journey in search of an artifact. Your girl will continue to help, Occupation 2 has the same appearance from the first or third person. Use automatic aiming to simplify the process.

How to play for free, cheats Occupation 2:

  • The player receives money for completed tasks and completed quests. They lack the purchase of powerful weapons and the purchase of NPCs, using the code, everyone can get 100 000 money to the account for free – XNR-IM9D-67
  • Unlock all weapons and equipment – CZE-1GPN-JY

It’s an open world in the likeness of GTA, which is full of zombies and great opportunities. Navigate freely on the map using the touch control, or use the VR to go through. Everyone should try this adventure, you can download the game for free. To unlock weapons you need money and experience.

Gameplay, how to pass quests

The game has excellent 3D graphics with a change of day and night. The player can communicate with people on the street and even enter bars and buildings. Be prepared for the ubiquitous danger, destroy them and solve riddles. Get to the laboratory to stop the plague. To help with the tasks, the player can take reinforcements in the form of NPCs. To create a powerful team, the player will need the Occupation 2 cheats for money.

Free purchases will allow you to unlock paid items. Equip the hero with a powerful weapon and meet the big bosses, they will defend the artifact and strengthen the defense. The effectiveness of weapons depends on the type of zombie in front of you, only armed to the teeth you will have a chance to break through the wall of zombies. Use automatic sighting to play more effectively.

Watch out for ammunition and use help in time to stay alive in the environment. Also, the character has indicators of hunger and stamina, do not forget to refill the inventory before completing the task. Use Occupation 2 hacking to have unlimited resources for purchases. Share secrets with friends and get more fun from the game.

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