Oceanhorn Codes and Cheat for Android&iOS, a lot of Gold Coins, Crystals

Oceanhorn hack

The game Oceanhorn  has a magical and fascinating prehistory. You can become a true hero and become a legendary knight of a little boy. You will not be able torn off from the unique gameplay. You need to unravel the mystical story of disappearance of your father.

The gameplay is very colorful and qualitative. You need to collect a lot of coins and diamonds, to use them to buy the necessary items in the game store. This is one of the keys to a successful passing game. But you can choose the easy way out and do not waste time and money. Hack Oceanhorn will give you a lot of virtual currency for free.

You have to fight with the evil monsters and train your magical skills. Each of these elements create an unforgettable pastime. Sea monster, a treasure hunt, the mysteries of the ancient world – all this awaits you in this exciting game. Cheat codes Oceanhorn allow you to get a lot of treasures that will bring you closer to a solution. All you have to do – is to enter a secret code in your gaming account. But before that, you should read the instruction on their application. This type of hacking is completely safe in contrast to the others. You can not worry about your mobile device, and even enter cheat codes repeatedly (if necessary).

Free Oceanhorn Cheat Codes for Android and IOS:

  • 90 000 Gold Coins – G#_rg230r8
  • 30 000 Crystals – C#_rg3w889s
  • Unlimited Lives – L#_rg39w8r


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