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hack Onraid for Android

A wonderful 2D-shooter for Android & iOS, Onrade is available for free download. Gold and boxes using Onraid hack is very easy to get, just use bonus codes. Follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free, unlock the characters and increase their level. Experience the heroes of different classes and choose your favorite. Use a rare weapon and raise the level to deal more damage.

Participate in online battles, challenge other players and earn experience. Discover new abilities and create a unique character for future battles. Use a variety of gadgets, and boosters that temporarily extend the capabilities of the hero. Each character has unique characteristics, lead the player to fame, ranking first in the standings.

Onraid cheat codes for Android, iOS:

  • The main currency in the game is gold, with its help you can open raid boxes and buy any items. 85 000 gold for free, can get everyone using the code – DkIHJdH_9Y
  • Code for raid boxes, will get 60 openings for free, this is at least 2 legendary things – Cg1f7iS_PC
  • Metal is needed for improvement, code for 150 000 metal – KWBX1ru_1y

2D shooter on mobile devices, free to download. It has bright graphics and dozens of unique characters. In addition, dozens of weapons and gadgets a player can install additional. Using gold, a player can create a unique character and gain a tactical advantage. To get gold for free, the player does not have to download Onraid mod, or enter personal information.

Free gold, raid boxes

Test different classes of fighters and choose the most effective. Success will also depend on your management skills, the use of additional weapons and traps on the map. The gameplay depends heavily on the class of the hero and weapons. Based on this, the player is forced to change the strategy to fight and take up other positions.

In the game you can spend hundreds of hours, but do not open all the characters. They can be obtained by opening boxes, in every 30 developers promise a legendary thing. But to open such a number quickly, you need to play without stopping for weeks, or use hacked Onraid. But using violations, a gamer can lose an account, or achievements.

Download hacking programs, or enter personal data, we strongly do not recommend. Codes allow you to unlock the desired items and increase the rating. Test your abilities in four game modes, capture portals, hold the sphere, grab drillers, collect crystals. Use the resources to unlock close to hundreds of weapons and gadgets that enhance armor and increase other characteristics.

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