Orbix free cheat codes for Android, free Gold & Gems,

Orbix hack for Android

Create your island and participate in online battles, use Orbix hack and get money, coins and precious stones for free. Cheat codes on Android, iOS work without downloading mods and will allow to quickly raise the level in the game. Collect a team of the strongest warriors, build defensive buildings and develop tactics for battle. Follow the instructions to learn how to use hacking and get bonus resources.

Choose a name for the game and create your own planet. In the game, it has a round shape, on the perimeter of which the player can build their own buildings. For a successful game, you need defense and buildings to extract resources in the form of fish and wood. Each building has a level and is limited in volume of resources, or other characteristics. Use gold coins to upgrade buildings.

Orbix cheat codes, free:

  • Gold acts as money, with its help you can buy new characters, buildings, and raise their level. The player receives it as a reward for completing the task and in winning over other players to get 50 000 gold for free, use the code – Hid_U4tOP
  • Gems Orbix are a premium currency, it is difficult to get them if you do not spend tens of dollars on purchases in the game. With the help of diamonds, a player can open paid chests, receive exclusive cards, accelerate processes. This is a great advantage when passing through to get 5 760 gems, use the cheat code – Hid_wuAlc

Game Review

The creators of Wormix released a new game on mobile devices. Here, everyone can get their own planet and equip it at will. Graphics and gameplay in the game Orbix is ​​very similar to previous games, but at the same time it has many differences. A round planet can be your home, millions of players have settled on similar planets and a fierce war for resources has been fought.

Enemies will come from the air and try to steal all the money and resources. Build a strategy and place buildings to protect your planet. For this, the player can use close to 40 kinds of characters. Each has unique skills that will be useful in the fight. For money, you can unlock all the characters, but hacked Orbix for  Android copes with this task no worse.

Free money, passing

Collect a battle deck of heroes and spell cards. One of the players is carrying out a defensive mission, the second is trying to rob him. The battles take place in real time, which adds interest to the game. Choose a deck of cards before the fight and release them on the battlefield. Keep constant improvement of cards, raise the level and use different combinations. The battle will come with experience and a strategy will be worked out.

The player does not need to download Orbix mod, or get root or jailbreak right to enjoy free play. Use the gems to open the pay chests and get the rare cards in the deck. Also, rare items can bring victory in tournaments, rank among the best players. Collect the largest collection of cards and share secrets with friends.

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