Paint Tower for Android, ios. Unlock all levels, free boostres

Paint Tower hack

Go through the levels, performing complex tasks. Use the hack Paint Tower to unlock the levels, get boosters for free. Secret cheat codes for Android, iOS, perform tasks and set new records. This game can be called tetris, where you create your own figures. Gradually create shapes, neatly creating new rows. Follow the instructions to get boosters and extra features in the game.

Arcade for a good time, a lot of tasks and levels. Complex tasks require attention and precise actions, include creativity and collect shapes. Paint Tower can be called tetris, only here you decide what shape to create. From below, the player has a field on which he draws the figures, and they rise up, falling to the surface. It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of each structure in order to maintain a balance on the field.

Free cheat codes Paint Tower:

  • Boosters can help in difficult situations, break unnecessary blocks and freeze the figure. To get +5 hammers, snowflakes and other boosters, use the bonus code – JfUig4SP_JO
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The game is very simple, but the tasks for speed, or the amount of experience require special attention. The player has in front of him a touch field of 5 to 3, on which you need to create shapes. The color and number of blocks varies. You need to think every time and quickly blend the element of the desired shape to maintain balance and continue the game. To set the maximum number of points, you need to create combos to multiply the experience.

Gameplay and controls

This is a unique game, a simple arcade game, which is nice to launch at any time. Drawing shapes is simple, but the speed is constantly growing, you need to make quick decisions. We can not do without mistakes here, the main task is to minimize them. Draw blocks, lower the field more and more earning points. Has reached a certain amount of experience, the player can rotate the drum and get boosters.

Download Paint Tower mod will not have players who can use secret codes. Increase the number of boosters to the maximum, draw blocks with the necessary number of shapes and break records. The game allows you to share your achievements with your friends and compete. The main thing is to keep the balance of the tower. As soon as it collapses, it is necessary to start again.

Boosters help a lot, but their number is strictly limited. Using the Paint Tower cheats the player can use hammers and snowflakes, you can significantly improve your results. It is not necessary to create even blocks, the task is only to keep within the framework of equilibrium. The game has dozens of interesting levels and tasks, think and enjoy the unique gameplay.

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