Perfect Shift Codes Cheats

Perfect Shift Cheats

We’ve made you a perfect hack Perfect Shift for money and crystals, which you can get in unlimited amounts for free. Our Perfect Shift cheats do not require downloading additional mods, or apk files, you can get as many resources as you want by typing codes.

Before using secret codes be sure to read the instructions on how to enter, if you do it correctly, you can get a lot of money and diamonds, and won’t be detected. On the cracked Perfect Shift you can get the maximum upgrade its supercar and win the most difficult race. You can use these codes On Android as well as on iOS devices.

The list of cheats to hack Perfect Shift to Android and IOS:

In this game, you will be able to drive in races racing tracks on realistic 3D with great graphics. Your the only goal is to be faster than your opponent, but to do so you need the best machines and upgrade, that the game is worth a lot of money. Using these codes, you will receive an unconditional advantage.

receive 1 million cash (cheat code for money Perfect Shift) – fT1K_AdMonE

to get 600 crystals (diamond), use code – kF1H_AdDiaM

infinite Nitro, allows greatly increase the speed of entry into the game – hYUN_GeNitR

automatic transfer switch (code is useful for learning to understand what maximum possible of car is) to turn off this feature, enter the code again – aVTO_DeRkoI

This hacking Perfect Shift works on the basis of the codes that have been decrypted with the program
game code. Use them perfectly safe if you follow the instructions.

So you You are able to get the resources that are in the game only for real money, or the hundreds of hours spent
for racing.

Having behind cheats Perfect Shift you can win the most difficult opponents in colorful races on
tunnels, city streets and industrial zones. Each car is amenable to upgrade, cost which reaches the value of the car, a lot of money will make it possible to make rapid improvements and create a custom supercar.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Perfect Shift” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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