Pico Tanks free Cash for Android, secret cheat codes, not mod

Pico Tanks hack

The casual battles of Pico Tanks for Android & iOS will give you a lot of fun. How to use Pico Tanks hack, cheat codes and get lots of money on purchases for free. Follow the tips in the instructions and enjoy a free game. Unlimited resources will allow you to purchase any tank and equip it with a powerful weapon. Use the tricks, or buy resources for real money, the choice for each player.

Enjoy casual battles, challenge friends and other players. Destroy the maximum number of enemies at the level and get valuable rewards and prizes. Experience is needed to raise the level, which will unlock new weapons and upgrades. To receive money, the player does not need to download Pico Tanks mod, or to receive the special rights of the root device or jailbreak.

Pico Tanks cheat codes:

  • 50 000 coins for free – due2erxp_74eg
  • 4,000 gems – we0z39sh_82je
  • Disable ads – 7ud91q5f_27be

A multiplayer mobile shooter in which you can fight for a team, or play against everyone. Funny little tanks are powerful enemies to each other. Collect your own tank and prove your superiority in the arena. The main mode of the game is team battles, where you can easily distinguish your enemy from the enemy.

The game has excellent graphics and smooth animation. High detail and bright colors will attract millions of players to the dynamic gameplay. Hacked Pico Tanks allows you to play without purchases. Although the game is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple Store, there are game purchases in it. New guns, additional weapons and armor are installed for money.

Free money, secrets and tips

To unlock items to improve and improve the characteristics of the player will be missing coins. Not to mention the premium currency that the player receives for outstanding achievements. Build your own tank, increasing the desired characteristics and give it a unique style. Team play requires coherence, players can communicate and choose a common strategy for the battle.

Free Pico Tanks can be played with great patience, or a wide purse. Great competition and many tasks you can do with a powerful tank. Share your secrets with friends to gain a foothold with the help of allies and receive support. The gameplay of the game is very dynamic and you will be able to assemble several tanks with different functions. Increase the speed for one, changing the driving characteristics, or use the maximum powerful weapons, sacrificing high-speed performance. Use secrets and get valuable sets for free.

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