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hack Pirate Tales android

Open paid chests, unlock hero cards and get a lot of gold. Pirate Tales hack into mobile with cheat codes does not need to receive special device rights, root or jailbreak. Follow the instructions, get sets of gold and silver and make free purchases. Travel, discovering new islands and territories, conquer local pirates and get valuable rewards.

Travel around the colorful world meeting dangerous enemies and pirates. To seize their ship and get treasure, you need to defeat them in a fight. Each player collects a pack of heroes whose skills can be used in combat. Pirate Tales has dozens of characters who have different characteristics, skills and weapons. Use coins and equip them with powerful items for future skirmishes with dangerous bosses.

Free Cheats Pirate Tales:

  • Silver is needed to enhance characters’ characteristics, improve their skills and purchase weapons. To get 117 000 silver to the account for free, use the code – HRXDF7Q9_PT
  • Gold, this is a premium currency game, will unlock the maps of the legendary heroes, open toll chests and quickly raise the level. Get 4 830 gold for free – ERA6KLDK_PT
  • Disable advertising in the game – BIMCFL5X_PT

This is a vivid action RPG game with ample opportunities for team building. Become a captain and build your own team of pirates. Capture the ports and vessels of other players, getting their resources. Colorful graphics, detailed characters, lots of weapons and skills that are available for use in combat.

Weapons and skills, open paid chests

Use the codes, hacked Pirate Tales allows you to buy any items, open tokens, and get rare cards in the collection. Combine cards, weapons and skills to reverse the course of the battle and win the battle. The game has ample opportunities for rpg, unlock them all allow coins. Collect a team of rare heroes using gold.

Davey Jones, Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Montezuma and even Columbus can make a company in your travel. Everyone has unique abilities that will be useful in battles. Involvement in different factions, speaks about the style of combat and has advantages and disadvantages. To become a good captain, you need to learn all the skills and use correctly during the battle.

After selecting a card, the character appears on the battlefield, to attack, you need to click on the screen when the sign turns green. The correct choice of the hero and precise control will allow you to win in PvP battles. Get to the ship of the ghost will help cheats Pirate Tales, they will replenish the account with money and will allow to unblock items.

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