Pixel Battle Royale hack cheat for Android & IOS, codes, guide

Pixel Battle Royale

The new game Pixel Battle Royale attracts more attention, more and more questions come up, how to get extra money, resources in the game without downloading mod files? In this article you will find a complete list of codes, secrets and tricks of passing the game, without violating the rules. Hack Pixel Battle Royale with cheat codes for free purchases, gives the opportunity to quickly and free of charge to replenish key resources and accelerate the passage.

Pixel Battle Royale is not your traditional shooting games! This game is all about guns, guns and huge guns! Jump into the filed with your champion and build your stronghold in the battleground. Enhance your shooting skills with our action shooting game.

Pixel Battle Royale hack

Frame your own way to the victory! This is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to them what we precisely are and what we can do to beat them. You have different weapons like Pistols, SMG, Rifle, Sniper, Grenades, and RPG to wipe out in Pixel Battle Royale game.

After downloading Pixel Battle Royale mod, you risk getting a virus, do not disable the antivirus when using third-party programs. Codes work through the game store and are the safest way to wind money into the account. It does not threaten the ban, and you can play at the level of donators, unlock paid items and functions. A completely different gameplay with new features awaits you after using free purchases in the game.

Pixel Battle Royale cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • 250 000 cash – 7BQ_yvsph1C
  • Remove Ads – IL4_QJU9i8n

Increase your chances of winning, pass the levels faster and save a lot of time on the extraction of resources. Unblock new opportunities for passing, the hacked Pixel Battle Royale will bring even more pleasure.

Pixel Battle Royale cheat

Favor yourself very innovative and sharp and plentiful to make tremendous destruction on the battlefield, Everybody has an equal opportunity for survival

Game-play Features:
Specific controls to shoot & navigate in the war zone 
Smashing visuals, & the best pixel graphics for shooting game 
Great 3D Graphics. 
30+ Awesome levels
100+ Terrific Enemies
15+Epic Weapons and Upgrades.

Get ready for the darkness in the pixel battle royale. Fight up to your best level and become the last man existing.

Features of the game, tips for passing

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