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Online game Planet Runners with multiplayer mode for Android, ios. You can download it for free to unlock all the characters and weapons, the player will need to look for hacking, or make game purchases. It is distributed through the system of free-to-play, but to unlock all functions and features, you will have to pay a couple of dollars. Using this article and following the instructions, everyone can get a lot of money on the account for free and unlock all the characters.

Battles are held online, the internet will also be needed to use the codes. This method is the easiest and safest for obtaining resources. Using the codes you do not need to download Planet Runners mod, or get the special rights of the root device, jailbreak. Easy to use hacking unlocks all the features of the game, enjoy the gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Planet Runners hack:

  • Unlock all characters – EA_CfryI4K
  • Disable ads – Yt_J74kNbH
  • + 10 000 money for free – U9_FOkmWkV

Challenge friends and other players, the gameplay is reminiscent of the game “Tragedy of squirrels”, where everyone is fighting for the championship. The winner is the one who gets to the finish line first. In this case, players will interfere with each other, using the capabilities of the character, their skills and traps. High level of competition forces players to make game purchases, with their help everyone can increase their chances and win, get more money and experience.

Features of the game Planet Runners:

  • Simple, pixelated graphics;
  • Multiplayer mode, dynamic gameplay;
  • Online battles with other players;
  • Simple, innovative controls on the touch screen;
  • Different skills and abilities;
  • Dozens of types of robots to choose from;
  • Unique gameplay on Android, iOS;
  • Operating codes.

To play enough three buttons, the new control is quite simple, you quickly get used to it. The dynamics of battles require a quick reaction from the player. Each robot in the arena has unique abilities and weapons that it can use against other players. It looks like a rushing crowd of robots inside which each time there are explosions and flashes of weapons.

To get to the finish line first, you need a quick reaction, strength and ability to find a way out of the situation. Hacked Planet Runners increases the chances of winning, complicate missions to opponents, using super powerful weapons. Destroy them with missiles, lasers and other weapons.

This is a cross platform runner that looks very attractive and interesting. You can start it without having a flagship phone model and enjoy excellent soundtracks and dynamic gameplay. Cheats Planet Runners will give you an advantage when passing, equip your robot with the best weapons and earn more valuable rewards.

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