Plants vs zombies 2 Cheats

Plants vs zombies 2 ,cheats in the game to  get  all kinds of plants

To more easily  pass  the game Plants vs zombies 2  we offer you  cheats all  for free, just enter them.

Codes to hack all  plants in the game plants vs zombies 2:

Peashooter – One of the first shooter  that  hits  zombie with peas  -pMBMuWqYkp

Cabbage-pult – throws  cabbages in the  enemy at large distances – NuoTIApKF8

Sunflower  – produces  solar energy- bqI53SkkgX

Wall-nut – They are equipped with a rigid shell, which is needed for the protection of other  plants – 7ER8eQj3sP

Potato mine  – detonate at the slightest contact with the enemy, but do not forget that they need time to

charge (better  put a little ahead of the zombie)-KaSuzrBhZ6

Ice lettuce  – if the zombies steps on the salad – it instantly freezes for a while- 2uX7YQNoFX

Bloomerang – can  attack at the same time up to 3 targets in front of him, and makes  2 medium

Damages – dmInMJbkF1

Grave Buster  – removes one grave from the field-vfNTuZD43

Kernel-pult – shoots the enemy with  corn and butter -qoPurfkG2x

Twin Sunflower – 2 times more effective  than the usual- KZarNQJI9t

Bonk Choy  – beats  enemies that are in front and behind him: aNaprqWPEwh

Repeaters – shoots zombies with  two peas: CwujuBEOEv

Coconut cannon  – makes a shot with  coconut, which  in contact with the zombie detonates – afZ1Qzv4Xc

Snapdragon – inflicts fire damage to  6adjacent tiles-xk7LcHszWW

Spikeweed – destroys  rolling objects and hurts any zombies that step on it:-kUpVwG6iQF

Cherry Bomb – detonates, blowing up all zombies in the area – KzY01OfBbV

Bob Spring – discards the zombies in one tile: fo3kmrfKXy

Bonus code for all plants in plants vs zombies 2:

Opens once all premium plants – 7W8d2A8DBC

Cheats money (dollars), gives 1000 – VeH4EZqt3a

1000 Sun – ebKDamWEOz

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Plants vs zombies 2 ” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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