Plants vs Zombies cheats

Hack Plants vs Zombies

Those of us who have played Plants vs Zombies know what an addictive, fun game it is. From the fifty different plants available for your army to the multitude of wacky Zombies crossing your lawn, you’re bound to get a laugh from every new level.

Want to have even more fun protecting your brains? How about Zombies in retro sunglasses or Zombies dancing? These are just two of the cheats coded into the game to ’enhance’ play. If you don’t want to “cheat” you can also check out our free Plants vs. Zombies strategy guide!

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes
Type any of the following cheat codes during gameplay to see the effect take place. Remember, in some cases, you have to grow your Tree of Wisdom to a specific height in order to activate the code. In such cases, we’ve called out the minimum height required to activate the cheat.


Enter these codes with your keyboard during gameplay for the desired effect:

  • future – Futuristic sunglasses for zombies
  • mustache – Zombies with mustaches
  • pinata – A shower of candy when a zombie dies
  • trickedout – Alternate Lawn Mower appearance
  • sukhbir – Toggles the zombie’s call for brains-sound
  • daisies – Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed

Plants vs Zombies cheats & codes

  • Infinite Sunglasses – Sun4dSD2
  • Infinite Coins – Mu3nbDw3
  • Express Production Of Sunglasses – Rds45Dg3
  • Zombies Explode After Death – Dc84F9ds
  • The rapid-Plants – 4fSsjfd9
  • Instant Reload Seedlings of Plants – 0f3dJJD0
  • Immortal Plants 4S0fd4D2
  • Endless fertilizer for the Garden – 999dnY7y
  • Infinite Spray for Garden – 0dj77juh
  • Endless Chocolate for Garden – 0su47Sdf
  • Endless Fertilizer for the Tree of Wisdom-s3Dfsa34
  • Maximum Tree of Wisdom – 999dj7hK
  • Freeze Zombies – 8du7jvbz
  • The maximum Number of Slots for Plants – 7dhh8dus

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