Pocket House Codes Cheats

Pocket  House Cheats

Has recently become incredibly popular card games literally conquered the Internet. Pocket House is  one of these games. In the first moments it will plunge you into the world of Pokémon, which seemed to have so-forgotten memories of childhood. The developers managed to return the most exciting atmosphere fights, and battles for the best pokemaster.

Meet the forgotten heroes and go with them to incredible Adventure. Not enough time for  the constant playing? There is a desire to be a leader?  Want to get everything right now? – If your the answer is YES, then our codes for  breaking  the game  Pocket House will help you with that. Meet cheat on Pocket House for Android and IOS.

Hacking of the Pocket House  is completely invisible for the administration and displayed as buying resources, but  It will cost you nothing . Show your friends what you can do while they sit for hours in game ,you will  get for  a few seconds all significantly simplify your life and appease their feelings.

Good luck with your game, and enjoy spending time. And remember “everybody loves a winner.” Just a few minutes read the instructions for hacking Pocket House, and your pastime in the game will increase. Endless gold and diamonds will help you become the best of the best. With a little effort and without wasting precious time  you will achieve the desired success.

Cheats  to hack the game Pocket  House for Android and iOS:

Code receipt 99K gold – ad99KGold

Add 99K badge – ad99KBadg

Add 99K diamonds – ad99KDiam

Update SP to max –geMAxSPPH

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Pocket House” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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