Pokemon Quest for Android,

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a new action RPG game from the company Nintendo which will soon become available for free download on Android, iOS. Here you will see your favorite characters and monsters on your mobile phone screen and be able to play anywhere. The game will be distributed free-to-play, so many items and characters will be available in the game for real money. Using the hack Pokemon Quest, you can replenish your account with resources and unlock paid items in the game.

Game process

In the game you can choose 3 characters and use them in battle scenes. Each pokemont has unique abilities that you can activate and activate during combat. Pokemon Quest for Android has hundreds of items and ingredients that you will collect and cook to get new monsters and abilities. At pumping resources you will need a lot of money, with their help it is much easier and faster to raise the level.

Pokemon Quest cheat

Many processes in the game are automatic, so monsters will independently move and attack the enemy. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can turn on special abilities and turn the tide of the battle. The game can already be tested on the Nintendo switch, in the near future the release should be on Android, iOS and in this version you will be able to use the bonus codes provided in this article.

Management and graphics

Pokemon Quest on iOS is designed specifically for mobile devices, touch control allows you to effectively manage characters and conduct battles. The user interface has a large number of buttons for managing the menu, here you will create new skills and teach them your pets. During the battle, your team of 3 characters will deal damage automatically. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can include special skills and capabilities.

Travel to the island of Tambbek, collect Pokemon and walk through the territory in search of new monsters. Your team will automatically move around the island and fight with the encountering Pokemon. So you can collect new characters in the team and earn money Pokemon Quest. Each pet will have a couple of abilities that do the most damage and are activated by clicking on the skill icon. Defeat the enemy with powerful abilities and earn precious experience. The goal of the game is to collect a complete collection of monsters on the island.

Pokemon Quest mod

The graphics in the game have a pixel style, this makes the game simple and everyone can download it to their device. Graphics in the style of Minecraft has many advantages, this is the simplicity, the weight of the game, the small requirements for the smartphone. At the same time, the development team made the game vivid and attractive. You easily recognize your favorite Pokémon in the game.

Features of the game

Millions of gamers are fans of lovely Pokemon, a poet some of them can be bought in the game for real money. Sold not only rare monsters, but also special skills that are available in the game for tens of dollars. Pokemon Quest mod, gives a significant advantage when passing and saves dozens of dollars. Game Packs contain several improvements, special moves and skills for Pokémon. Therefore, using bonus codes, you can use them for free and enjoy a free game.

The game offers gamers not only their favorite heroes, but also a wide RPG experience. Dozens of game hours, exciting adventures and endless battles. Train and develop the team, experiment, create new combinations of Pokémon and fight with other monsters.

Pokemon Quest hack

Wander around the island in search of new treasures and items, collect new things and carry out improvements in the base camp. The battle with other Pokemon is an important part of the game, using special skills you can influence the course of the battle. Pokemon Quest on iOS will be available for free to use cheats in the game you will not need to get the jailbreak right, or enter personal information.

Unlock Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu. Using Pokemon Quest cheats, you can unlock 151 Pokemon much faster, and the passage of the game will greatly accelerate. Perform interesting quests, send your team to new expeditions in search of new skills and subjects. Each player can create a unique team, customize their abilities and use rare attacks. Watch for health indicators and attack power of each Pokémon and use the money to increase the level of abilities.

Hack Pokemon Quest

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Follow the instructions to get benefits. These features will allow you to update the game in the future and buy new items in the game. These tricks work on all Android, iOS devices and work through the game store.

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