Radiation Island for Android, God Mode, secret cheat codes

hack Radiation Island for android

Adventure survival on the island in the free Radiation Island on Android, iOS. Use Radiation Island hack, get immortality and endless resources. Get powerful weapons and destroy the zombies. The player does not need to download the mod, or get root or jailbreak rights to enjoy travel without restrictions. Use the instruction and learn the method of entering codes to get immortality and infinite resources.

Use secrets and gain an advantage when passing the game. Travel around the island and collect valuable items. The main task is to survive in the anomalies and other dangers surrounding you. This is a parallel universe, an alternative reality with many waiting dangers. Solve the puzzle to survive and return to the real world.

Radiation Island cheat codes for free:

  • 9,999 crystals for free, code for a lot of money – IY8Nq8EC
  • Code for infinite first-aid kits, or code for immortality – g2MCmipT
  • Do not feel hungry – DvA0YaqN
  • Highlight valuable items on the card – QxPKhUCt
  • Show danger in a circle – FHzMOUXr

Exciting adventures in a parallel universe. Travel to the island with new rules of life, the presence of paranormal phenomena, zombies and many dangers. This is an interesting experiment of your life, discover a new world for yourself. The game is free, you do not need to download Radiation Island mod to get the full version of the game.

Game descriptions, features

But you can use secret codes and gain an advantage. Travel around the island without fear of perishing, God’s regime will allow you to explore the most dangerous places, where the most interesting objects and opportunities lie.

Solve the puzzle to build a way to return to the real world. This is an interesting adventure accessible to any player.

Begin with training, pick up sticks and the simplest items to get your first fire and food. Keep an eye on the health indicators, be ready to beat off the attack at any time.

The game has excellent graphics and voice acting, which allows you to fully immerse in history. Get weapons and keys to get to the secret elements.

Zombies guard vital resources to get through the protection you can use Radiation Island hacked and use the immortality mode. This will avoid death and get to the most secret places of the game.

Hunt, collect items and travel through wide spaces in the means of secrets and new objects.

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