Red Crucible 2 Codes Cheats

Red Crucible 2 Cheats Coins Honor Points

Red Crucible 2 is  shooter that is free to play online, or  on Facebook. And today you will learn about the Cheats in the game, and how You can hack Red Crucible 2 to get the coins and other useful features to be the best player in any battle.

Red Crucible 2 – has a multiplayer first-person, in which players can compete in large-scale battles in the open cards in an attempt to prove their skills. The game offers five different modes – a free for all, Last Man Standing,

Team Deathmatch, Attack & Defend and 11 others  maps on which to play. There is also a shop that allows players to customize their appearance, weapons and supplies, and after using cheats, you can buy store all of the received coin.

A huge number of vehicles scattered throughout the map, it varied and you will see in the game all by APCs to helicopters, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, despite a few flaws, Red Crucible 2 is a great game is visually simple and thus not has no problems coping with large-scale synchronization of multiplayer battles 16 players.

Cheats online shooter in the game Red Crucible 2

get 100 000 coins in the game – 100RC2kol

infinite ammo – ANLRC2del

kill the enemy from the first hit – KILRC2dol

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