ROBOT WARS free Gold & Silver, secret cheat codes & tips


Get gold, a lot of money and unlock robots, hack ROBOT WARS allows you to do it for free. Get resources into your account with secret codes and enjoy the game without limits, create furs for online battles and create your own maps. This is an exciting multiplayer, where everyone can realize their abilities. The game has game purchases, they can easily be bypassed using the instruction and following the tips in the article.

Having money the player can increase the dynamics of development and quickly raise the level. The game contains dozens of types of fur for purchase, each of them has unique characteristics and skills. Since ROBOT WARS is free, the most powerful ones are sold for real money, or gold. This gives a significant advantage to the player, special skills and powerful fighting qualities increase the chances of survival.

ROBOT WARS cheats for Android & iOS:

  • Silver, this is a common currency for which you can buy any upgrades and most types of equipment. + 1 000 000 silver, everyone can get free of charge – IxM_bfvNzd
  • Gold player can buy in the gaming shop for real money, or get + 15 000, using the code – cX8_QY4ozV
  • Enjoy the game without advertising – 0Wu_ECI4Gt

The result of each fight affects your ranking in the overall table. Before entering into team battles, or multiplayer battles, a player can practice with bots. Single mode and learning mode will be introduced with simple controls, after which you will be able to discover the other modes.

How to unlock the bellows, free gold

Show what you are capable of, tactics and skills in games such a genre will play a good service. The game has several modes, team fights, deadly battles all against everyone, capture a point, or create your own card with your rules. The game has beautiful graphics with high detail elements and great features on the base.

Dozens of types of robots and their ability to improve. This requires a lot of money from the player, so many are looking for where to download ROBOT WARS mod to get gold on the account. Buying the robots Spirit, Paladin, Phantom, Titan and the rest requires silver, gold will open vast opportunities for modernization. Install rare parts, powerful armor and weapons to surprise the enemy.

Each robot has a different height of jumps, speed of movement, recharging and weapons. Learn all the characteristics to choose the right strategy for a fight with that or other rival. Customize the weapon, increase the characteristics and use auto-shooting to increase the effectiveness of the character in combat. The hacked ROBOT WARS using codes is no different from the original, except that the player can use all the items.

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