RULES OF SURVIVAL god mode for Android, iOS, secret cheat codes


Use cheat codes to get money, weapons and immortality. Hack RULES OF SURVIVAL for Android & iOS gives you a great advantage in the game. Often die at the beginning of the battle, do not know how to win? Use the codes for endless cartridges, immortality and unlock weapons to become the last survivor on the island. Follow the tips in the instructions to play freely and not get a ban in the game.

This is not a game, it’s survival, here the players set the rules themselves. The player can unite with others and jointly perform tasks, or fight for himself. RULES OF SURVIVAL has a huge map and 120 players are simultaneously fighting for survival. The map is constantly decreasing, be prepared to meet with the enemies in the center. Collect the maximum of weapons and armor to win.

RULES OF SURVIVAL cheat codes:

Before using the codes, you should know that the main cause of the ban is the sting of the other players. Therefore, be smarter and do not show your advantage, it will allow you to enjoy the benefits and play for a long time.

  • God mode, or immortality – pgq1e0ZTv
  • Infinite cartridges – p7ceNYE8Z
  • Each shot accurately hits the target – 9rn6CJdR6
  • Ability to shoot through walls – G193pkzQT
  • Get the gun – txlWGWL5m
  • Get the machine – NFZuULULD

The planes drop 120 players on one island over which scattered weapons and equipment. The variety of guns and equipment is amazing, so you can meet on the map a variety of enemies. The game begins with a parachute flight. Accelerate, maneuver and land as close to buildings as possible. First get all the equipment, be ready to make quick decisions.

Only one remains alive, rivalry forces players to search for a hacked RULES OF SURVIVAL, or use tricks. Unite with your friends to fight with teams. The strategy and team play will win here. Study the map in order to occupy advantageous positions and destroy newcomers. With the strongest you will meet at the end of the bout.

Weapons, armor and equipment

A lot of weapons, explosives, suits, armor and other equipment are scattered on the map. The harmful gas compresses the card and everyone should aspire to the center, be ready to fight with several at the same time, or wait until the others are sorted out. The game has ample opportunities to choose a strategy and encourages the uniqueness of thought.

Often, players ask where to download RULES OF SURVIVAL mod. A gamer must understand that online play has ample protection options, so any interference is quickly punished. The secret codes are another matter, they are part of the game itself, but are hidden from ordinary players. Wisdom will consist in the correct use of codes and following all the rules of the game.

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