Sango Heroes-Global Codes and Cheat for Android and iOS. Unlimited Gold, Silver Coins

Sango Heroes-Global hack

Role action Sango Heroes-Global already has about fifty thousand downloads. Players from all over the world had come to love this game despite the fact that it is very young. Recently released market strategy game with elements of a high-quality and interesting gameplay. In this game you will not only collect virtual resources, but also to build the tactics of the game.

The game is made in oriental style, so every time you go into a virtual gaming store, you can see the oriental beauties and characteristic arms. Colorful landscape in the background of the game will help to immerse in the right Mood for combat. But in order to win – it is not enough. Cheat codes Sango Heroes-Global will give you a guaranteed win in the game.

All kinds of bows, swords, horses for transportation and other resources you will get for free, if you will used the Sango Heroes-Global hack. Your army needs food and strength to fight with enemy troops. To ensure this, you would have to pay a lot of real money. But not at this time. We took care that you have received all the necessary tools fast and free. All codes that you see at the bottom of the article can be used repeatedly.

Free Sango Heroes-Global Cheat Codes for Android and IOS:

  • 25 000 Gold – G#_fv39r7qwd
  • 80 000 Silver Coins – C#_a3r83ewf9
  • Unlimited Food – F#_sbg3298ro


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