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hack Semi Heroes: Idle RPG

Free money and gems in the game Semi Heroes: Idle RPG. Use the cheat codes for Android, iOS, without downloading the hack Semi Heroes: Idle RPG. Free the sacred trees from the monsters, collect a whole team of heroes to release them. This is a fun adventure for mobile, wide RPG opportunities open before the player using the bonus codes, and having a lot of money on the account.

Collect the team and go as far as possible. Horizontal travel, you have to release hundreds of trees. Monsters tied the sacred trees and cooked in a vat to get the oil. It is necessary for them to seize power over your world. The more trees they capture, the stronger they will be. Start the journey with one hero, destroying enemies with pitchforks. Very soon you will be able to use support.

Semi Heroes: Idle RPG cheat codes, free:

  • Coins allow you to make the necessary improvements, improve skills and buy new items. To get 135 000 gold coins, you can use the code – SHI_113uqjm
  • Precious stones are bought for real money, they can not be earned in the game. A small amount of the player gets at the achievements, crystal sets can be bought in the game store. To get 1 845 crystals for free, use the code – SHI_8o9vz0v

Earn coins and break eggs to open new characters. Everyone has unique skills and weapons. But most importantly, this is the amount of damage that they will cause.

Downloading mod Semi Heroes: Idle RPG, or the compromised version is not safe. Use the game store to get the advantage for free.

Heroes, Skills and Passage:

Free action RPG on mobile devices. 2D graphics, horizontal travels through the fantasy world. Fight with the forces of evil, dealing damage, clicking on the screen. Receive a reward in the form of coins for each, the killed monster.

Release the trees, receiving valuable rewards. Each level has big bosses to fight with.

Dozens of heroes have unique abilities and super attacks. Wait for the strength to recover and click on the hero’s card to use a super hit.

Semi Heroes: Idle RPG hacked gives the player a lot of money, they are needed during the battle itself. make improvements while on the battlefield. Increase the skill of the characters to deal more damage to the opponents.

Although the game is free, it has many limitations. To quickly develop a team you have to spend real money, or look for tricks. Using a hacked version of the game will not allow you to enjoy updates, the codes will give you complete freedom in the game and a significant advantage.

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