Shadow Fight 2 Codes Cheats

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats

Hacking the  game Shadow Fight 2  for money, experience and crystals. Shadow Fight 2 or Game Shadow Boxing 2 – a fighting game in which you are a shadow, notexhaustive description, so first about the game ,so  you will understand better how to hack the game and where to enter the cheats.

Battles take place in Japan and in every fight, you will meet a new landscape of Japanese characters and the battles you need as soon as possible. More in them you get the skills and experience points for which you can buy new weapons and ammunition.

Of course you will have a level of energy that will be wasted with every fight and cheat on energy in the shadows, I think In fight most environmentally friendly and what’s wrong to play more and not waste time and wait until your recover energy.

Cheat on the money in the game Shadow boxing also become necessary when you get into the tournament and win the rivals will be very difficult, even if you have enough experience but lack t of he necessary weapons. The money you earn in the game winning in fights but spend energy and, in any case you will feel the desire to spend money on more opportunities in the game.

A little talk about the tournament or 2 Shadow Fight Championship as it is not called but you need to go to the opponent 24 to win the championship as well as to 5 fights with super strong where you will need to work hard and spend a lot of resources, but the game worth only cheats and will enable it to pass in any way without disturbing the taste).

Cheat on crystals in the game hack Shadow Fight 2 you may not need it, there is one trick. The game can crystals looking to get a commercial but it is possible to make a limited amount of time but what’s stopping you change the date on phone on the day ahead and watch the video again? ) Yes, you can do so as long as you do not get enough crystals.

code to get money in the game +500 – m0n8y2d1

code for obtaining crystals +20 – c7is7a1a

Cheat energy recovery 100% – n2e9d3dk

cheat enhance the experience +10 – u0jd7a1d

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Shadow Fight 2” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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