Shivaay: The Official Game Codes and Cheat for Android and IOS. Unlimited Money

Shivaay: The Official Game hack

Shivaay: The Official Gamay is a game in which you must run to run and run. Despite the fact that this action does not have much variety in the gameplay, the game is not boring. Instead, you will get a lot pleasure destroying everything in its path and collecting coins.

The meaning of the game is that you need to rush in order to save your family. You can destroy everything in its path, crashing the machine, turn the garbage cans and to lay down on the shoulder all those who prevent you to continue your way. But to make the game more interesting, you need a hack Shivaay: The Official Game.

This Official game created based on the movie Shivaay. And that makes it even more interesting and exciting. The game has its own virtual currency, but it is, unfortunately, not easy to get. But if you have Shivaay: The Official Game cheat codes, you have nothing to worry about. The longer you run, the more interesting the area. You will find yourself in the icy mountains. Getting out of there was not easy, but thanks to the unlimited resources, you will easily cope with that.

Free Shivaay: The Official Game Cheat Codes for Android and IOS:

  • 99 000 Coins – C#_D2g98r3f
  • 30 000 Money (game currency) – M#_F2g3fw3o
  • Unlock All – A#_fh2y30f80323


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