Siege of Heroes: Ruin free codes for Gold Coins and Power for Android and iOS, secrets of passing

Siege of Heroes: Ruin hack

Bloody Demon wants to fight with you in the game Siege of Heroes: Ruin. Can you overcome it? This role-playing game in which you need to fight the dark forces. Each new level will bring you more fun and adrenaline from winning. Also, you will appreciate the view of game maps. You will use different warriors for battle. And in order to make the right choice, you have to think tactically.

Each of the four characters has different abilities and skills. Speed, strength, agility and magic. You need to decide what kind of hero must fight a certain level. Thanks to gold coins and power, you can improve your soldiers. But for this you will need something like a hack Siege of Heroes: Ruin. Secret code that you see below are not hack. You risk nothing when entering these codes.

Siege of Heroes: Ruin hack

Another advantage of this type of obtaining resources is safety. You will not need to download mod Siege of Heroes: Ruin for this purpose. Bloody demon wants to take over your base. You need to destroy all the dark servants before he gets to you. Also, you need to remember that your power and energy are limited. On this you have to be extremely careful.

Free Codes Siege of Heroes: Ruin for Android and IOS:

  • Add 35 000 Gold Coins – G#_HD*7ebwd8s
  • Add Unlimited Power – P#_SP*5dbcu3j

During the passage of each level you will see an indicator that shows how much you need to kill enemies. If you destroy all the dragons, spirits and other monsters, the level is successfully passed. You can buy a variety of effective weapons, and send on the enemy meteor rain. You will get more points if you strike at several opponents one by one. Enjoy realistic graphics and unlimited resources in the game.

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