Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights free Coins, Secret codes, not mod

Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights hack android

Get free coins to buy weapons. Hack Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights will increase the armor and attack. Secret codes for Android, free coins for free purchases without obtaining root rights. Learn the method and use secrets and follow the instructions. Increase the level of the character, buying new equipment and ammunition. Fight against a dozen enemies and get valuable rewards.

Become the most powerful gladiator, earning this title in the arena. Challenge the dozens of enemies and fight bosses. Between fights rest in the village, walk and buy new equipment in the village. On purchases you need a lot of money and mod Slash of Sword- Arena and Fights is not the best way to get them. Follow the instructions and enter the secret codes, get free sets from the game store.

Free Cheats Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights:

  • 1 500 coins – sycpn33m88
  • 15 000 coins – 029i5kc9f2
  • Disable ads – xovzb5et3r

Game Review

This is a unique action game where everyone can take part in gladiatorial battles. Participate in battles, where your character will be surrounded by several rivals. The arena looks like a village paddock and whether you choose to live, depends on the skills. The fighter is equipped with a sword, has indicators of life and energy. Observe what is happening from above and use the touch control.

The joystick will allow you to move around the arena and map, with the buttons to the right the player can strike, or jump. Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights has a nice graphics and funny gameplay. Enemies will be surrounded on all sides. It is necessary to monitor the energy indicator so as not to be surrounded and without the possibility of striking.

Unlock weapons, coins for free

Everyone can download the game for free with Google Play. Armor, equipment and weapons are bought for gold coins. Their shortcoming can be compensated through a gaming store, spending tens of dollars. You can play for free, and participate in dozens of monotonous battles. To feel free, the player can use Slash of Sword hack – Arena and Fights, or make purchases.

Be prepared to have up to 10 enemies at a time. From your skills and abilities will depend on the outcome of the battle. Having won them you can fight with the boss 1 to 1. The victory will bring more coins and will allow you to unlock the highest level weapons. Battles look very exciting and it’s something new in the genre of action. Get coins and earn the name of the legendary gladiator.


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