Slingshot Championship free diamonds and coins. Secrets and tricks of passing

Slingshot Championship hack

Shoot accurately at the target to earn a lot of money, gold and diamonds. Hack Slingshot Championship will allow you to unlock new items and increase your results. Use the instruction to learn how to enter codes and get additional resources. Become the best shooter on the continent and get valuable rewards. Shooting from the slingshot has many fans to get into the leaderboard, you need to make enough effort.

The game allows you to spend interesting time both in solo mode and fighting with other players. The best shooters receive tens of thousands of coins in reward and more experience to get into their number, you do not need to download Slingshot Championship mod, or the hacked version of the game. Cheats for free purchases will allow you to quickly and simply go through the key stages, double your experience and quickly raise the level.

Free cheat codes Slingshot Championship:

  • Shoot more accurately to get more money in reward. Coins will allow you to unlock levels and better equipment to get 90,000 coins for free, use the code – UMM_aId8Go
  • Gems, premium currency, it will unlock the most accurate slingshots, will allow using more attempts. The code will help you get + 4 750 diamonds for free – 3AZ_ejiqWj
  • Disable ads – 93G_qyPzbn

Become the best shooter, the main goal of the game. It is almost unattainable, but the skill must be trained in every fight. Challenge the best shooters and win an equal fight. Each receives a limited number of attempts and must score the maximum points. Consider natural factors, as well as the physics of moving objects and shoot accurately at the target.

Controls, levels and online mode

Colorful game from the genre of sports, here you need a lot of training to hone your skills. Move around the objects, shoot at Supermarkets, Factories and other objects.

Slingshot Championship allows you to change the location and goals every time to bring to the gameplay variety. Goals are also different, from standard targets, to bottles, balls and fruit.

The game requires training and raising the level of the player. This will allow using an improved slingshot and prepare for serious competitions. To unlock the stages of the game, you need to reach a certain level. To do this, you will need to earn a certain number of points and reach the level.

Despite the complexity of the hit, the control is carried out with the help of one finger. Touch the screen to pull the slingshot and release to fire the shot.

The closer to the goal, the more money and experience points the player gains. Hacked Slingshot Championship gives the player the freedom of buying, paid items will increase the chances of winning. Share your secrets with friends and improve your skills to get into the leaderboard

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