Snail Ride for Android, free Snails, Double XP, secret codes

hack Snail Ride for Android

Snail Ride is a lasso for Android, chase a snail, avoid obstacles and collect water. Hack Snail Ride will unlock all the characters and set new records of the game. Explore a variety of terrain, performing challenging tasks and gaining experience. Dozens of characters can be unlocked in the game to diversify the gameplay. Follow the tips and get unlimited resources and additional opportunities.

Explore the fun world of a small snail, travel through the stems of plants, avoiding traps. Bypass the spines, avoid predators and constantly accelerate. You are not a simple snail, the speed is just off scale. Hundreds of interesting levels and tasks are waiting for everyone who downloads the game. This free and colorful arcade game is available for download on Android and iOS. Enjoy unlimited travel without restrictions.

Snail Ride cheat codes for Android, free:

  • Double experience – wzAs_DkT3r
  • Unlock all snails – 9EIk_Ffjfh
  • Disable ads – ABKI_BgIbs

Colorful arcade with bright colors of wildlife. Green branches with a lot of thorns and obstacles that should be avoided. Collect bubbles with water, they act as money and allow you to unlock new characters.

Overview, description and management

All the functions of the game can be unlocked using codes, you do not need to download the Snail Ride mod, or enter personal data.

Management in the game is conducted with the help of one finger. Tap on the screen to move to the other side of the branch and avoid spines. Be careful, the speed is constantly increasing.

Slippery snails can develop a huge speed, for the victory will need a quick reaction and accuracy of actions.

Enjoy endless travels, go through challenging levels and compete with friends. Some snails are available for purchase for real money, or will have to spend several days of constant gaming.

Snail Ride hacking will speed up all processes, catch new species and collect in the collection of nearly 40 ka, unique species.

A fun arcade can be run anywhere and any place. Survive and discover new levels, the game give a unique atmosphere. Bright graphics and funny characters have some differences in physics and speed.

Beware of insects and grasshoppers to set a new record at the level and collect as many bubbles as possible with water.

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