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Snake Wars hack

The company has released dozens of popular games in different genres. Snake Wars, this is a new arcade for mobile devices, download for free and enjoy multiplayer arcade fights in real time. If you heard, or played Bowmasters, 8 Ball Pool, Flip Diving, you are already familiar with the creativity of this developer. Millions of gamers are waiting for the release of new games from this company and now you can download Snake Wars mod and enjoy arcade fights.

About the game

Most likely you already played a snake on your phone, maybe the game did not even have colors. Developers took as the basis all known gameplay and created a new arcade with the ability to challenge other players. Hacked Snake Wars will get a lot of money on the account and unlock paid skins. Using coins and diamonds, a player can change the appearance, buy boosters and gain more experience for each game.

This is a multi-player arcade, in which you will play along with dozens of other players. What, you already know what it takes to win? Collect food, dust on the field to reach maximum size. The game distinguishes three players who gained the maximum weight per game, they get the most gold and experience. Running the game every day you can receive valuable rewards and additional resources to buy.


Snake Wars cheat

It’s very simple, but the gameplay is not really new. Many such games came out after the popularity of, but why, only now the developer has released its version? Let’s get acquainted with the features of the game. The first advantage of this application is graphics and beautiful animation. It is so smooth and pleasant that it causes only positive feelings. There are several skins in the game, but you need to have a lot of Snake Wars money to unlock all the paid items.

The tasks of the game are very simple, you must try to devour all the opponents. Each player is trying to drive the enemy into a corner and force another person into the tail, which is equivalent to death. After the death of the snake, after it remains magical dust, which adds weight and experience to other players. In addition, you can eat scattered food, but the main source of growth will be your opponents. Snake Wars diamonds play an important role, with their help you can buy boosters, change appearance and quickly gain weight.

Snake Wars cash

Each player has a stock of boosters in the form of a ghost and a rocket. One allows you to pass through the enemy in a critical situation, while the other will speed you up. When you accelerate, you lose some of the mass, but in this way you can escape from the trap. Eat as much as possible, increasing your weight. Everyone has 4 minutes on the game, for which he must score the maximum points to get into the leaderboard.

Game Modes

  • Classic mode allows you to fight with other players on a large field, the biggest one wins.
  • Team Multiplayer – allows you to invite friends and share tasks in multiplayer mode.
  • Endless-infinite battles, here you can play for fun and practice your skills. There is no renaissance and we have to lose first.

Graphic of the game

Game developers make the most simple projects most attractive in terms of graphics and design. A beautiful picture, exciting animation raises the game to a level higher than competitors. To download the game, it’s enough to have 74MB of free disk space. Cheats Snake Wars for diamonds and gold work in the original version of the game.

Snake Wars mod

The approach to creation is unmatched, so if you love this genre and already play similar games, then the game is worth downloading. Everyone at the same time wants to get into the leaderboard, but here comes the donate and high competition. For money the player gets the advantage in the form of boosters, and it will be extremely difficult to beat him if you do not use tricks.

Be careful with sites offering to download a mod Snake Wars and get a lot of money. Such programs can contain malicious files, it is much safer to use bonus codes through the game store. Having a lot of money you can always be reborn on the field and quickly climb up the leaderboard, double experience to serve as an excellent helper.

Snake Wars hack for Android, iOS:

  • 50 000 gold – hzgkoz_no#SW
  • 5 000 diamonds – n0i90k5e#SW
  • Double experience in the game (enter every time you start) – nxhuky_qc#SW
  • Disable advertising in the game – z2rvhu_te#SW
  • Unlock all skins – 6qa3t2_1z#SW

Using hack, you can often use the ghost, speed up and unlock all the skins in the game for free.

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