Sniper Fury Codes Cheat codes

Sniper Fury cheat codes, not mod apk

We are glad to inform you that it is now possible to get a lot of money and gold in the game using the Sniper Fury hacking on Android and iOS. With it, any player can easily get unlimited resources, which will help in the passing game on Android and iOS platforms. To use secret codes you do not need to download mode, or getting root or Jailbreak your device.

The game does not please you with a unique story, because in it you have to battle with evil, and of course for this called the best snipers in the world. But in order to earn that title you have to pass a test missions and levels to pump in the game. More than 130 missions in the world of the future, where you have to “work” not only skyscrapers, but also exotic locations. Nice graphics and effects “bullet time” which will slow your shot, which is not surprising, but still happy.

Cheats Sniper Fury Android and iOS:

Code that will replenish your account for 50 000 gold – # EGV05uc0

Money, cash, to get 50 000 in the game, use the code – # EBI05yv3

Crystals (Gems), for 20,000 use code – # EUC08du8

If you run out of energy, use code to restore it completely – # DUW02ci9

Also the most soldiers, snipers in the game you will meet air units, armored vehicles and other enemy classes that will help you combat sniper, Railgun and a top-secret weapon that you can get to easily purchase a hacked version of Sniper Fury. Sand storms, blizzards and rainstorms as well as other natural disasters in which you have to learn how to shoot, to succeed in passing the challenging levels.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Sniper Fury” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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