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Soccer Kick hack

A well-known company Voodoo has released a new game for iOS. Soccer Kick is a simple clicker with infinite gameplay, here you will beat the ball to set the record distance. For every meter you get a reward in the form of money, with the help of codes you can double the points and money you get. This is an interesting experience for football fans and not only. Hacked Soccer Kick for coins will earn more money and disable advertising. But first we’ll get to know the game itself.

Game process

Can you hit so hard to get to the Statue of Liberty? Soccer Kick for Android has a large number of attractions, reached the control points you can double the amount of money. The game contains well-known places from around the world, hit the ball so hard to reach the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and other points. This is an interesting challenge in which you can not do without boosters.

Before each stroke you have the opportunity to purchase a booster in the form of an accelerator, an additional rebound and time. Without boosters, you can not set a record. To fly around the entire planet, you need to put in force, accuracy and spend money on boosters. The farther the ball hits, the more points and money you get. Very simple, but interesting experience, you can play endlessly.

How to set a record

Soccer Kick mod

The game begins with an aiming, you need to tap on the screen when the arrow is on the red indicator. This will give strength to the blow, there are boosters below the arrow. They can strengthen the impact, make the ball jump and other functions. Soccer Kick mod for money will allows you to freely spend money to buy boosters. This makes each blow more interesting and lengthy.

You can play anywhere, while the game is available for iOS owners. Android users can also expect to get the game on their platform in the near future. To enjoy the gameplay does not require an internet connection. Having access to the network you will see a lot of advertising, if you do not disable this function. Each record hit will double the stock of money and get the opportunity to use booster.


Soccer Kick cheat

The developer of voodoo makes games as simple as possible. A simple graphics with bright colors will not distract you on unnecessary things. Soccer Kick a lot of money you can earn if you get to famous places. Every time you set a record, you will see new locations. Doubling coins, you can always beat strong balls. The game takes on the phone 144 MB and will be launched on any smartphone.

It’s simple, you can repeat the experience an infinite number of times. Using cheat Soccer Kick and disabling advertising, the game becomes even more interesting. Many gamers expect from the game updates in the form of additional balls, characters and other items. This will allow you to diversify the gameplay and get additional motivation to set new records.

Soccer Kick Hack

  • 350 000 money, the code – liT1X3ZY8
  • Always double the money received – PUYU8Ze8G
  • Disable advertising – ojGDEe5KQ

Follow the instructions to learn how to use the codes on your device. This is a simple way to improve the gameplay and break all records.

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