Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle free Rings, Red Stars Rings, not mod, secret

hack Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Free gold rings, and red star rings. Hack Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle for free rings on iOS and Android works the same. Use cheat codes for resources and open paid chests. Unlock your favorite characters and use boosters when passing. Secrets will allow you to get a supply of resources and improve your characters. Fight in real time with real players and get a lot of fun.

Rings will allow you to unlock characters and improve them. Use gold rings to buy new items. Red rings allow you to open the pay chests and get rare items. Using cheats Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle, the player gains a significant advantage over other players. Win in the races, get great rewards and increase your skills and abilities of the heroes.

Codes Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle for free:

  • 50 000 gold rings – SFS_4i7r4eH0
  • 5 000 rad star rings – SFS_4bhxviZk
  • Disable ads – SFS_JCKf0oLZ

Review of the game, the gameplay

Mobile runner with favorite characters Sonic and his friends. Choose one of them and go play. Online battles with other players, 4 tracks 4 players. Lead ahead of opponents, be more vigilant and use boosters to slow them down. The game offers a unique gameplay, multiplayer mode in the runner.

Choose a character and go to the start, come to the finish line first and get rewards. You can download Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle for free on your iOS device. Despite this, many offer to download the mod for Android. The game in the near future should appear on Google Play. It has cartoon graphics and all the same tricks of the heroes of this series.

How to get gold and red rings for free

Fight with real rivals, collect boosters during battles. Accelerators and weapons will allow you to come off, or slow down the opponent in front. This gives a significant advantage and donators use it actively. To be among the first to use secret codes on the rings and unlock your favorite characters.

Mod Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle you can download only from trusted sites. If you will be promised a lot of money after downloading, this is exactly a hoax. Bonus resources are enough to unlock your favorite characters and improve them. Buy weapons, improve skills and fight in fast speed matches. Quick reaction and a stock of boosters and weapons will allow you to win in difficult races.

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