Space Rangers 2: Revolution Cheat codes

Space Rangers 2: Revolution cheat

In this article you will find Space Rangers 2: Revolution cheats and will be able to get all the benefits, more money and opportunities to pass. The game moves the gamer into the distant 3300 years, when the galaxy was captured by intelligent robots. Only you can free the galaxy from the invaders, or take the opposite side. A full story in which the player takes the lead, the future depends on your decisions. The game runs on a PC, so the input method is quite simple.

Space Rangers 2: Revolution codes affect the course of the game very much and allow you to expand the list of opportunities. As in GTA, you can get additional abilities that were used during the testing of the game. Some tasks can be completed in several ways, repeating different stages.

Try out a variety of tactics and ideas, these tricks expand the list of actions for fans of this game. Set records using codes are not counted, but are a good training in other conditions.

Space Rangers 2: Revolution cheats:

  • Follow the instructions at the bottom of the article to turn off the line with the words “cheats” at the top of the screen.
  • To use codes, you must hold down the [Shift] and [Ctrl] keys and enter the desired code.
  • Quick repair code, automatically repairs all parts on the ship, enter 0- [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Repair for use
  • Increase the number of dominators by 12 pieces in each system – Call: [Shift] + [Ctrl] + KlissanMax
  • Call to battle, Dominator ships begin to intrude into the system under the signal. (no more than 20 dominatorov) – Call: [Shift] + [Ctrl] + KlissanCall
  • Get 1000 Ranger Points, code – in the center of the Rangers, type [Shift] + [Ctrl] + RangerPoints
  • Get the right amount of points to raise the rank by + 1 above, the code only works if the rank does not reach the maximum level. – Challenge: Dial [Shift] + [Ctrl] + NextRank
  • Get a unique, cool gun in the store – type [Shift] + [Ctrl] + CoolWeapon
  • Random gun for 1 credit, enter the code you need on the planet – type [Shift] + [Ctrl] + LowCostWeapon
  • Get 2 quark bombs, the code must be entered while in space – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Bomb
  • Get a random artifact, the code only works if there are less than 10 things in the hold. And you need to enter while in the Hyper – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Artefact
  • Space Rangers 2: Revolution cheat for money, allow you to get + 10 000 cr, which allows you to get a lot of money at any time and carry out any improvements without restrictions, to enter enter the code – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Money
  • Pick up all equipment in the nearest player, with the ship disappearing all the equipment that is required for the flight. But the code on applies to Machple, you can use it in space – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Drop
  • Reduce all equipment on the ship by 2 times. The size of the case remains the same, the code needs to be entered while in space – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Paking
  • Get dominating equipment from scientists, enter it while on a scientific basis – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + KlissanItem
  • While on the pirate station, dial the code and become a pirate 100%. All ships and planets are reduced by 60% relative to the pirate, and the power of the cannons is increased by 10-20 units – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + WeaponStrength
  • Dial in space and get 10 quark bombs at a distance of 800-1500 – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + 10Bomb
  • A random database appears in the system to players, the code needs to be used on the planet – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + RndBase
  • Previously closed sector, will open after entering the chit. Use it to be on the pirate station – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + OpenMapSector
  • A lot of money Space Rangers 2: Revolution code, will add + 100 000 credits to the account – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + HugeMoney
  • Reduce the planet is reduced by 50% relative to the player’s ship. The radius of the weapon is doubled in 2 times – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + PelengSurprise
  • Increase the player’s body by 30%, it is completely repaired, you can use this code while in space – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + SuperHull
  • This code will include hatred for the rangers of all other ships, while all scales are saved – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + HateRangers
  • Add by pirate to each coalition, enter the code you need on the pirate base – [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Pirates
  • Each player can use these codes in the very beginning of the game, you do not need to get cheat points.

Codes Space Rangers 2: Revolution accelerating passage:

  • To enter the following codes, just hold down the combination [Shift] + [Ctrl] and enter the desired code.
  • God’s mode in space, or the code for immortality – GOD
  • Include suffering from any disease in the character – ILLNESS
  • Get 5 simple vertices – VERTIX
  • Disable recharging of weapons, or code for an unlimited number of cartridges and fuel – AMMO
  • Create the ideal main player body – IDEAL
  • Turn on the effect of hellish dominators – HELL
  • Get all the artifacts for free – -ARTS
  • Nightmarish dominators – NIGHTMARE
  • Enable skills to the maximum – SKILL
  • Maintain the equipment state at the maximum – TECHNIC
  • Get all medals, even undeserved ones – MEDAL
  • Unlock all micromodules – MODULE
  • Creepy dominators – HORROR
  • Get a shot of all stimulants at the same time – STIMULANT
  • 100 pieces of each program in the arsenal – PROGRAM
  • Open the whole map – SHOWMAP

To deactivate the Space Rangers 2: Revolution cheats, just restart the game. These codes will diversify the game and will provide additional opportunities.

Space Rangers 2 Cheat codes for extra features:

  • Increase the level of all guns to maximum – shift + ctrl + hweapon
  • Enable the ability to scan ships with any of the scanners – shift + ctrl + ULTRASCAN
  • Summon all pirates – shift + ctrl + piratecall
  • Increase the number of pirates by a maximum – shift + ctrl + PIRATEMAX
  • Freeze all objects – shift + ctrl + ZAWARUDO
  • Create a dump – shift + ctrl + MAKEDUMP


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