Spell Chaser free Cheat codes for Android, free Diamonds & Gold

Spell Chaser hack android

Unlock skills and weapons, increase the level using diamonds and gold. Hack Spell Chaser hack Android with cheat codes is available to everyone. Forget about downloading mod files, you do not need to break the rules of the game. You can replenish your account with resources through the game store. Having studied the instruction, everyone can enjoy the game without restrictions. After the update, the codes may change, so let us know in the comments about the problems.

Travel through the fantasy world, collecting items to create weapons and ammunition. Battle enemies and inflict maximum damage using powerful combinations. To create a strong character is much easier and more interesting when you are able to use the Spell Chaser cheats. Open the skills and change the settings without limits. Speed ​​up the level and enhance the character’s skills with premium currency.

Bonus codes Spell Chaser:

  • 65 000 gold – IYYewk9z_39oT
  • 8 750 diamonds – ZJqokxUl_38jH

Game descriptions

Role-playing game on Android, download and enjoy travel. A lot of tasks and levels, enemies and bosses which you will meet when passing the game. Collect items and skills and constantly improve the character. Conduct it on assignments, equipping with weapons and teaching valuable skills. The game has hundreds of items that each will create a unique character.

The world in the game Spell Chaser is created at the highest level. Few games of this genre can boast of such graphics and animations. Large maps for travel, many enemies and interesting items. Complete the tasks and learn the controls. Combine weapons to create a unique item.

Diamonds are free, the secrets of passing

A lot of players are looking for the Spell Chaser mod to get a lot of money into the account. Gold and diamonds simplify the passage. With their help, you can easily and quickly improve the character’s characteristics and gain new skills. Test different abilities and abilities, use runes. There are no standards, everyone in the game becomes a unique fighter.

The game has a lot of content, unique and new. Develop your own strategy for battle, rebuild lives and continue to fight with dragons and monsters. Learn spells to open new spaces. Victory is not easy, you need to constantly change and study new opportunities for the successful completion of assignments. Using a hack using secret codes, everyone can gain an advantage.

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