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Sportmasters hack

Free arcade on mobile devices, download Sportmasters and enjoy the endless gameplay. You can download the game for Android and iOS devices. Here you need to send the penguin as far as possible. A polar bear with a baton will help run the character as far as possible. You can also control the character during the flight, use boosters and collect coins. Hacked Sportmasters, this game is unlimited in which you can unlock all the characters and participate in different leagues.

About the game

Arcade with endless gameplay, hitting a penguin with a club, a bear will help to carry out round-the-world travel. The only task in the game is to go as far as possible and get the most points. Sportmasters for Android, has a large number of boosters and obstacles on each level. This gameplay was already popular on old phones, every time it’s interesting to return to the experience that the game gives.

Do not be afraid to beat the penguin badly, you have an infinite number of them and everyone has a chance to break the record. The exact blow of the bear, this is an important part of the game. Luckily, you have an endless number of attempts to beat your record and reach friends. After downloading the game and having experienced the pleasure of traveling, you can not stop any more. Press the button and continue trying.


Sportmasters cash

The game begins with a powerful blow of a big, polar bear. This will give the initial speed, but using cushions in the form of sea lions and other boosters, you can accelerate and jump higher. Each meter in the game is full of boosters and obstacles. Sportmasters mod, makes it possible to use boosters without restrictions. Having an advantage, you can quickly improve your result.

A difficult journey awaits the penguin, at the end of the level he loses feathers from the encountered difficulties. But clicking the button you get a fresh hero for new travels. Each meter in the game has obstacles and boosters on the road. Go away from piranhas in the pool, use soft animals to fly higher. By setting a new record you get a chance to get more coins and the ability to unlock new pets.


Sportmasters cheat

Bright game has beautiful graphics and funny animation. The snow-covered expanses are overflowing with trees, snowmen and shining pools with piranhas. Avoid obstacles to score points and get coins. Sportmasters money in the game are presented in the form of two currencies, coins and precious stones. The latter in the game will allow you to quickly climb the leaderboard.

Unlock all the clubs for bear, you are waiting for dozens of leagues in which you can participate. Fantastic animation and simple controls make the gamer return to the experience again and again. The game does not require internet, but if you want to use cheat codes, then the network will be needed.

Sportmasters hack

  • 8,000 gems – Y80ID2FI8
  • 100,000 coins – GTAZP9NAW
  • Disable Advertising – 7FAILOLYW
  • Diamond membership (1 week) – LH6TCXKSM
  • Receive twice as many coins as a reward – BBG4M9WY7

Follow the instructions and discover new characters, show the best result and share your achievements with your friends.

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