Star Horizon Codes Cheats

Star Horizon Cheats

Secret cheat codes in the game Star Horizon will give you a lot of money, credit, health, and help to unlock all the head games. All what you hoarded loans, or would like to spend real money you can get for free. Hacking Star Horizon via secret codes completely safe, because to obtain resources in the game you will be using codes that are part of the game.

This type of hacking Star Horizon does not require you Jailbreak or root, so it is not necessary to download apk files and modes, who are often infected with viruses. If you want to get a lot of credit, life, use these cheats Star Horizon, which are completely safe and works on all iOS and Android devices. To make sure your account has been safe in case of burglary, do not enter personal data, or you risk losing access to and past achievements in the game, and for the 100% safety of our code is required to read the instructions on the use of cheats.

The list of cheat codes for the game Star Horizon hacking on Android and iOS:

cheat on loans Star Horizon, to get 150 000 credits, enter the code – Sh1k5d0E

immortality in the game, or the endless life – Dc9j9e9O

open all the chapters of the game Star Horizon – Ec9d9g9U

In the game you are fighting in the name of John, who fights not for glory or even victory, he is fighting to survive, and to combat all the ways are good. Participate in an intergalactic war for the sake of life, you’ll have your own ship and crew, whereby you will be able to increase the keeping in stock a lot of credit. The war will not be easy, but united in alliances with other races, your chances increase significantly. Forward to victory with compromised Star Horizon.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Star Horizon” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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