Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Codes Cheat codes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheat codes, not mod apk

You get the opportunity to get a lot of money in the game, using the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack that successfully runs on all Android devices and iOS. At the heart of this are breaking secret codes that are part of the game and pretend the inner purchase, without actually inserting money into the game. For crystals and credits in the game you do not need to download mode, or getting root or jailbreak right, it suffices to study the instructions and enter the secret code.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on android and iOS, where you can collect your favorite Star Wars characters to fight in the RPG. In the game you will see a place of worship and meet the master. In the game you can use the characters Jedi and Sith for the passing game. Create new policy and team with characters who have unique skills to get through the next mission. Each character has a set of several attacks and abilities that you need to learn. With the help of secret codes, you can get all the pieces to get the team any hero. Do not forget about the equipment, which will open the special abilities that strengthen your squad.

Cheats Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes:

The game has two types of money, loans, and the crystals, but if you want to pass the game fast, you will quickly feel the lack of them in the game.

To get 75000 crystals in the game, use the code – 9yuUEI#ID75

To refill your account credits 125 000 use cheat – 0xoEO#ID12

As with any game where there are energy shortages you are sure to feel on themselves to restore energy enter – 5icIE#ID00

To get the character in the game, you will need to collect all the pieces. Use this code you will get all the existing fragments and will be able to replenish his team any hero – 9osKO#ID99

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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