Stickman Fight free coins, unlock weapons, secret codes

Stickman Fight hack

Sets of coins for free, hack Stickman Fight for Android and ioS. Get a lot of money on the account with cheat codes. Unblock boosters and weapons and participate in endless battles. Take part in different game modes, set high scores. Hold out as long as possible, destroying enemies with guns and grenades. Follow the tips in the instructions and get a large set of coins on the account for free.

Your homeland was captured by enemies, destroying the army. You are the only defender of the territory. Destroy incoming enemies and earn coins and rewards. Resources will allow you to purchase grenades and additional lives. The player does not need to download Stickman Fight mod to enjoy unlimited resources. You can cope alone, take a position on the tower and shoot at the approaching enemies.

Stickman Fight cheat codes:

  • 350 000 coins for free – I0W_EXKdcU
  • Disable ads – JjO_CWZxT9

Descriptions and gameplay

Excellent action game on your mobile device, take a central position and destroy enemies from all sides. At the initial levels, you will have to master melee and combo strikes. Every victory and stroke is rewarded with coins. With their help, a player can unlock weapons and use boosters. Grenades, explosives, restoring lives, additional armor and other buns.

They are simply necessary for further assignments. The enemy will no longer be approached alone. Stickman Fight has dozens of levels with complex tasks to protect your own positions. To become a hero of stickers, you need to show all that you are capable of. Collect the maximum number of points and move to different locations.

Free coins, secrets

Defend the military base, destroy enemies in the forest with the help of machine guns, destroy the fleet of the enemy, or wage war on the ship. A lot of locations and playgrounds diversify the gameplay. Join street battles and destroy enemy tanks. In order not to repeat the mission and do not pass it again, use the hacked Stickman Fight for getting coins. This will allow buying all six instruments and at any time to increase the chances of winning.

Try your abilities and compete with your friends with your achievements. The game has a nice graphics and smooth animation, which makes the gameplay very interesting. Music will allow you to immerse yourself in what is happening and get more adrenaline. Big waves of enemies, powerful weapons and endless battles. Manage your fighter and create a legend of Stickman.

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