Stickman Soccer 2018 for Android

Stickman Soccer 2018

The World Cup is approaching and interest in football is warmed from all sides. That’s the developers of the popular series, we decided to release a new version of the game called Stickman Soccer 2018. It is available for free downloading for Android, iOS. The previous version from the developers downloaded tens of millions of users. The new game retained all the important moments of the previous version and got interesting innovations. The game is still a lot of advertising and there are game purchases hacked Stickman Soccer 2018, will give unlimited resources, but first a little more about the game.

Description of the game

The popular series of games Stickman Soccer came out 5 years ago, but is still being updated by the developers. The sports game has a dynamic and comfortable gameplay for mobile devices. In the new version of Stickman Soccer 2018 for Android, developers have added the opportunity to buy and sell players. But This is not the only improvement, so the game will quickly gain popularity.

Stickman Soccer 2018 free

This is the biggest update of the game lately, new features will give the player new impressions. A new game world, the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Cup, trophies and halls of fame. Participation in leagues and the opportunity to get the legendary cups and awards. All this adds variety to the gameplay and makes the game attractive to a wider range of gamers.

The most important update in the Stickman Soccer 2018 mod is a transfer exchange. In addition to playing football, you will be able to create teams, buy and sell players, as well as develop tactics. After downloading the game you get the opportunity to create a team with your own logo, form and a set of the best players.


In addition to dynamic, football matches, a player can spend time in the game menu. Take on the role of a manager and create a team from scratch, spending it on tournaments of different classes. We will have to start with victories in small leagues. By earning the experience and money Stickman Soccer 2018, you can collect a stronger team. The presence of coins and money is very important for the creation of a strong team.

Stickman Soccer 2018 android

In terms of playing on the field, the game has experienced a number of positive changes, mostly it concerns graphics. If you played the previous version, you will see the usual controls in the form of a touch joystick on the left and action buttons, on the right of the screen. You will have full control over the team during the match, and you can use the coins to make improvements, between them.

Features of the game and graphics

In the game you can fight for the national team of the country, or create your own team to participate in tournaments. The game has close to 40 teams and the ability to enable the automatic game mode. The main features of the game Stickman Soccer 2018 for iOS, is the graphics. Now you can observe the emotions of players when they receive a yellow card, or a missed goal. This creates an atmosphere and allows you to further penetrate what is happening on the field.

Stickman Soccer 2018 mod

The animation of the game has become more alive and attractive, you can even see a slow repetition of the blows. 60 frames per second allow you to make these moments more vivid and detailed. The game will immerse you in an amazing atmosphere of football matches and allow you to participate in all aspects of team development.

Game Modes

In addition to the usual modes, you will see in the menu Team Manager and Transfer Market, in which you can customize your team. Appearance and skill settings for which coins are required. But this is not the only currency, because the game is available for free download, then premium items are available for bucks, which can be purchased at the gaming store.

Stickman Soccer 2018 hack

Stickman Soccer 2018 mod many money promises many sites, but it’s not safe to download them. In our article you will find links to downloading games from official sites, as well as codes for money. This will unlock all the items in the game, disable advertising and get the maximum experience.

To use cheat codes in the game, you do not need to get root, jailbreak rights, or enter personal data. This is a safe way to get resources through the game store. You can use it many times, and hacking itself does not violate the rules, but it allows you to quickly improve your level.

Hack Stickman Soccer 2018

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This unlocks access to the paid sections of the game and will create a strong team. Win in leagues and tournaments to unlock valuable rewards and trophies. To use codes, follow the tips in the instructions.

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