Stone Age Legacy free Gems for Android, secret codes, not mod

Stone Age Legacy hack

Build your own settlement, use the Stone Age Legacy hack and get the gems and a lot of money into the account. Secret codes for Android will replenish the account and allow you to make free purchases. Unlock buildings, buildings and create a powerful army can each player without violating the rules. Follow the instructions and get an advantage over other players. Share your secrets with friends and unite in an alliance.

Crystals are a premium currency, allow you to get a lot of money into your account and save time on building an army. Unblock the ancient beasts and use them as an army. Develop from a primitive settlement to a large city. The player does not need to download  Stone Age Legacy mod to get money to the account. Capture the continent and get the maximum territory under control.

Stone Age Legacy cheat codes:

  • 12 400 diamonds – l53ltpb_ytv
  • Disable ads – kzxohr1_gip

Game Review

Mobile strategy for mobile devices. Neanderthals are the protagonists of the game, help them develop and use new developments. Go along with time learning new technologies, developing buildings. The game has beautiful, thematic graphics and the ability to create clans. Train soldiers to raise the level of the army and unlock new technologies.

Explore the relics and conquer the territory, integrating with other players. Robbery, this is the main source of resources. Only the brave will be able to take high places in the game Stone Age Legacy. To dominate the continent, we need a strong army and support for alliance members. Send a hunting caravan and extract resources for further development.

How to get money, free crystals

Robbery takes the main role in obtaining resources. The game store and the purchase of sets of diamonds give the player a great advantage when passing. The only game server and online connection will not allow you to download the hacked Stone Age Legacy and gain an advantage. Unblock the ancient beasts and explore the relics to subdue the clans.

Share your secrets with friends and unite in clans. Then you can fully trust the allies and conduct distant expeditions. Build and increase the level of protection, build up the fighting power of the army and unite different animals. Collect relics, speed up the construction process and get a significant advantage when passing the game.

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