StormFront 1944 free Diamonds & Gold for Android, secret codes

StormFront 1944 hack android

StormFront 1944 hack for mobile devices, free money and gems. Cheat codes for gold and free resources in the game, without downloading mod files for Android. Use secrets and gain an advantage when building your own base. Follow the steps in the instructions and get a lot of money on the account. Increase your rank and unlock the buildings of the new level. Collect powerful army for battles and go into fights.

Make free purchases, opening up untold resources. Pass training tasks, gaining management skills and use the cheats StormFront 1944. This will quickly develop your troops and fight for the country. From the choice of the country will depend on the set of weapons and the appearance of the units. In addition, you will build thematic buildings with the symbol of your state.

Codes StormFront 1944:

  • 45 000 gold – N30*xQz7YE
  • 3,970 diamonds – lpW*TqvNgR

Features of the game, gameplay and secrets of the passage

Colorful strategy for mobile devices, download for free from Google Play. Actions take place in 1944, this is clear from the title. Choose a superpower for which you will fight and develop your own army. Learn to build the first building and defeat the rivals. Strive for resources, but diamonds are bought for real money.

StormFront 1944 is free, but the purchase of virtual resources will give a great advantage. Speed ​​up the construction process, or open new buildings and objects. All this can be done in a couple of minutes. Develop the army and participate in single battles. Having gained experience you will be able to fight with players from all over the world. PvP mode allows you to compare your strengths and challenge your friends.

Gold and diamonds for free

Lead your battles, do not stop development. First increase the level of key buildings, after which you need to quickly update all buildings. Improvements to the barracks will allow the development of the army, and also to obtain new types of weapons for the battle. Infantry, tanks and air support, surprise your opponent. Destroy its base and select precious resources.

The player does not need to download StormFront 1944 mod to get a lot of money. Secret codes will allow the use of resources after the official release of the game. Explore the new world, beautiful animation and thoughtful system will present an interesting pastime. Share tips with friends and unite in a powerful alliance, supporting each other while passing the game.

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