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The online game that many try to download Strike Force Heroes, here you will fight from a third party. It is enough to choose a nickname, or enter through social networks and you will be in the same field together with terrorists. You can choose the side yourself, the game has an interesting gameplay and easy management. Cheats Strike Force Heroes, are needed for those who do not want to spend on the game real money. With the help of virtual currency, you can quickly and free to raise your level, develop character characteristics and unlock weapons.

The game has an endless gameplay, at any time you can enter the battle path. Join other players and score the maximum number of points. The more opponents you destroy in the game Strike Force Heroes, the more experience and money you will receive in reward. This is a massive confrontation, battles with real opponents. Equip your hero with weapons and choose your own tactics, after the death the hero revives. In the game store you can buy yourself extra equipment and increase the chances of winning.

Strike Force Heroes Cheats:

  • + 50 000 money for free – SLF_pAN4abG
  • Get 2 times more experience – SLF_CQ0Fw8r

Use only those advantages that do not violate the rules of the game. Using cheats for immortality, high jumps, precise aiming and others, you quickly get a ban and can not play anymore. Of course, in the game it’s very easy to create a new account and start playing again, but then you will lose all your previous achievements. Our codes Strike Force Heroes, will suit those who are against cheating, but wants to be able to make free purchases in the game store. To get a lot of money you do not need to download mod files, or enter personal data.

Features of Strike Force Heroes:

  • Mass confrontation.
  • Only real players.
  • Maintaining statistics and personal achievements.
  • Dozens of weapons and additional equipment.
  • Online mode, multiplayer battles.
  • Dozens of maps, good 2D graphics.
  • Infinite gameplay that does not bother.

Use in the game military technology and modern developments. Get allies together and develop tactics of victory together. The game has several modes, where you can develop your skills and earn precious experience. Fight one on one, or participate in massive battles. Navigate through the buttons on the keyboard and aim with the mouse, which can be more convenient.

During the game you are waiting for a lot of tasks, hacked Strike Force Heroes is needed for those who want to quickly restore their achievements and unlock high-level weapons. Endless catacombs and labyrinths, jump around the obstacles and traps and drive them into the opponents. Having cash on the account you can purchase more powerful weapons, armor and improve your skills.

But there is not enough money to buy, you need to have a high level. Improve purchased weapons, upgrade and use new technologies. Some of the guns really exist, choose the right combat class, so as not to leave the enemy chances.

Everyone can play Strike Force Heroes for free, it’s not necessary to download the game. A fascinating game has many tasks, performing which you will be able to raise the rank and get additional medals. Your level will depend on your achievements.

Initially, battles may seem heavy, for victory you need to have the skills, a powerful gun and additional weapons. Strike Force Heroes cheats for money will make the game even more fun, because doubling the experience you can quickly raise your level and unlock the paid weapons and equipment.

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