Super Spell Heroes free diamnds, coins for Android, secret codes

Super Spell Heroes hack

Participate in battles 1 to 1, use the hack Super Spell Heroes and get the gems and coins. Create a team of heroes, learn new spells and participate in battles against other players. Use secret codes, get a lot of money and unlock new items. Everyone can create a team of heroes and fight with other players. Become a master, develop your own strategy for battle.

Combine the puzzle and fighting game, collect combinations and strike punches. Collect crystals of a certain color to attack the opponent. The strength of the attack depends on the level of the hero and the level of the skill itself. Cheats Super Spell Heroes allow you to get premium currency and quickly raise the level. Hundreds of spells, dozens of types of heroes are available for selection in the game. Everyone can create a unique team.

Super Spell Heroes cheat codes for free:

  • Coins in the game are needed to improve the level of characteristics, enhance spells. Cheat code will replenish the account for 25 000 coins – MA_WS2HQVv
  • The game is free, but gems are bought for real money. You can get 4 750 diamonds for free using codes – WE_dtwlPYr

Download a free strategy from Google Play, or Apple Story and fight in a 1-to-1 fight in real time. The battles take place step by step, each collects a combination of crystals on the field and strikes. The strength of the attack depends on the number of lives that the opponent will lose. Combine different characters to be able to attack from different elements.

Free Crystals, Secrets and Strategy

The strategy game has beautiful graphics, dozens of weapons and spells. Participate in battles, earn experience and raise the level, this will open new maps. Each hero has unique abilities. They depend on the elements to which the character belongs. The power of attack and the amount of damage inflicted can be increased with the help of money.

Hacked Super Spell Heroes allows you to quickly improve the characteristics of characters and unlock the legendary heroes. Wizards and mages, they cast spells, inflicting damage to the enemy. Fight in real time, gain experience and discover new heroes. A deck of player characters, this is his main advantage.

You can defeat the enemy with the help of the right strategy, or tricks. Deceive him, use the attacks of strong heroes to reverse the course of the battle. Having a trump card in your sleeve, you can become a master of all time. Hundreds of attacks, heroes allow each player to create a unique team in the game, the codes Super Spell Heroes give complete freedom of purchase.

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